Superintendent Message (English)

I hope this message finds you well, as we’ve fully landed in 2018.  The school district has hit the ground running.  Our students have returned from break rested and ready to learn, so much progress has been made, and there are so many good stories to share.  Here are just a few:

Our Junior High/High School team kicked off the new year with their annual Winter Wish project.  The Winter Wish Event gave $5,500 of donated funds to students and families in need- $2,000 to sponsoring a number of families- donating household items and gift cards for groceries and other necessities; $3,500 allocated for taking 32 students shopping at the Salem Center Mall on January 4th.  Each student was able to purchase $100 in items and were given $10 for going to dinner.  This event is really quite amazing and is an example of our community pulling together to support each other and our kids and families most in need.

On a slightly different note, but still exciting… United Way of the Mid-Willamette Valley recently awarded us $200 of funds for each of our grade school classrooms.  We will receive $4,000 for 20 classrooms- 17 regular classrooms and three special support classrooms.  United Way is not funding PE, Art, or Music classrooms but I am planning on rounding out the allocations by providing $200 of general funds to both our PE and our music teacher.  This was exciting news!

In past messages, I have asked the questions, “What do we want a 25-year-old Dayton High School graduate to look like?” [and] “What opportunities do we want for our kids?”  One area we have been exploring has been how we can increase our learning opportunities for our students in the area of “blended learning” or “online learning.”  I am happy to report that we are beginning to implement an at-home online learning program that can be combined with taking one or more classes on campus, thus creating a “blended learning” program.  We are starting small with a few students; however, I could see this being a possibility for more students in the future, allowing us to offer a wider range of courses and options for how to learn.  Please reach out to us if you have questions or have a student that would be interested in this opportunity.

In the area of facilities, we are continuing along the path of working on our district facilities assessment.  We had our full day walkthrough with the architect and engineer January 30th and will be expecting a report for us to begin meeting as a District Facilities Advisory Committee (DFAC) in late February or early March.  A short application for this committee will be placed on the website shortly.  Please contact me if you have questions about DFAC and/or are interested in serving.

Finally, I want to quickly foreshadow other upcoming work not already mentioned that is planned for the coming five months.  We will also be starting a strategic planning process in early March and will be working on building the budget for next year.

We have many great things happening and I’m looking forward to the work and continuing to cue up our next steps.


Jason Hay