Superintendent Message (English)

I spent Sunday evening thinking and writing to formulate my message for this month’s School Scene.  While doing so, or procrastinating doing so, I wrote an update to our school board about our planning for next year’s budget, I reflected and wrote notes to myself about what we are doing to make Dayton schools the safest they can be, and I put together an agenda for our administrative meeting on Tuesday to talk about our vision for the future.  I have also thought deeply this past week about the terrible tragedy that took place in Florida, February 14th.  In light of the difficult news from Florida, and managing all of the many things happening in the school district, I feel that we need to find joy and hope in all that is good around us.  I honestly was about to set aside my thoughts for the night to leave my School Scene message for another day before I checked my email one more time. 

I found the following email in my inbox:


Mr. Hay,

      My son plays basketball at St Mary’s HS in Medford, and I just wanted to pass on my congratulations to your fine team, coaches, and fans after watching the game Saturday night.  It was refreshing to watch a very good team that is well coached play a very exciting brand of basketball the correct way.

      No showboating, cheap fouls, taunting, and all the other “stuff” that has seemed to work its way into high school athletics.  And great fans too!  No screaming at the refs over every call like it was the 7th game of the NBA finals.

      And lastly, thank you to the announcer and his helpers for recognizing the seniors on our team in their last high school game.  What a class gesture and a good moment for the boys and their families.

      I wish your team the very best of luck in the rest of your games at the state tournament this week!

                                                                  Mike Miles


This email brings the biggest smile to my face.  I wrote Mr. Miles back immediately, expressing thanks for bringing his thoughts to my attention.  I told him that, “I have only been in Dayton since July, however I have continually heard good stories like what you shared.  Dayton is a special place and has a strong history of excellence mixed with humility and civility that I haven’t witnessed in too many other places.  Thank you for validating what I have heard and observed since I started on the job.”

I know that we aren’t perfect and that there will always be places to improve, but right now I believe that we can just smile and be proud.  Be proud of our kids for embodying what is right with the World; be proud of our parents and fans for modeling how a community should behave; be proud of how we support our kids and their future.  The character that is developed playing the game the “right way” will stick with our student athletes for the rest of their lives.

It brings to mind one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite movies, “Cool Runnings.”  In the spirit of the Olympics, I will conclude with this quote from John Candy’s character, Irv Blitzer.


“A gold medal is a wonderful thing, but if you’re not enough without it, you’ll never be enough with it.”


            Thank you for supporting the students and staff of the Dayton School District!



Jason Hay