Superintendent Message (English)

We need your input regarding Dayton Schools, property taxes, and a possible bond to update and improve our school facilities. Please take our survey on the District website that opens on November 26th, 2018. Your input is critical for our planning, as Dayton schools are community assets.  Our School Board wants to know your thoughts about how to best care for our schools, while also doing what the community desires.

During the last year, the Dayton School Board and a District Facilities Committee have been working to assess our facilities and identify a long-range plan for the future. While school district staff does everything possible to maintain our current facilities so that they are safe and productive learning environments for our students, there is never enough funding allocated in the general budget to make larger needed repairs and upgrades. For this reason, the District is considering a replacement bond to be put on the May 2019 ballot. This bond would replace one that was passed 20 years ago that will retire in June of 2019. This replacement bond is estimated to not raise any homeowner property taxes.  This replacement bond would generate $11 million in capital improvement funds to be used for maintenance, upgrades, and improvements to current facilities. The ultimate focus of these funds is to ensure the usability and longevity of our current district buildings. Additionally, it is possible that the passage of a replacement bond would generate an additional $4 million in state grant funding, potentially allowing for $15 million total dollars for the Dayton schools and community. The District is also seeking a seismic grant and energy funds to maximize improvements to our facilities.

We have needs in safety and security, energy savings upgrades, and educational programming to our facilities, and are considering bond projects such as:

  • Upgrading safety and security systems by reorganizing front entry spaces, and adding card key access and fencing.
  • Upgrading our fire alarm systems that are 3-4 code cycles out of date.
  • Removing and replacing all of the single pane windows (approx. 85% of the current windows; some of which are also boarded over), making the classrooms cooler when it is very hot and saving heating dollars in the winter when it is cold. This would also bring in more natural light, adding to the health and productivity of the learning environment.
  • Updating each school library creating spaces that support learning in the 21st
  • Upgrading ADA supports (i.e. handicap access), improving two special education spaces, and replacing bleachers in HS old gym.
  • Removing asbestos flooring and improving electrical, lighting, and technology.

The school district is also considering an additional proposal which would potentially build a building for innovations and career and technical education. The building would support the District’s nationally ranked FFA program, and would include makers spaces; lab, art, music, and video facilities; and a pitch room that would allow students to propose small business ideas.  Please let us know, using the survey, what your opinion is regarding a potential new building.  Again, I, and your School Board truly wish to represent your desires.

The online survey will be available on the district website November 26th and will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Paper copies of the survey will also be available at the School District Office. Please share your thoughts and opinions. Please email at or call me at 503-864-2215 if you have questions. Thank you.


Jason Hay, Superintendent